Introducing Durham School Dubai

Mother Baby & Child Date : 14 October 2022


Durham School Dubai is a true branch school of its home in the UK and as such, offers an authentic, British independent school experience. It has the same high expectations for academic achievement and is proud of its kind, supportive learning environment and outstanding pastoral care. The school, adjoining the Green Community, enjoys excellent facilities and superb British teaching staff. Together, these combine to enable each and every pupil to realise their full potential in all senses – both academically and in developing the skills and confidence for life. These skills play a huge role in helping us to navigate finding a fulfilling and responsible role in our ever-changing society.


The ethos of the school is built upon the Durham values, which underpin everything the school does. Much more than simply a statement on a website, the character of the school is rooted in the desire to promote moral integrity, ambition, responsibility and kindness. This extends not only to the pupils but to the entire school community. True to its values, Durham is an institution that works together to build an honest, kind school where everyone will feel comfortable and find success.


In the fast-paced city of Dubai, Durham sets out to give its pupils roots and wings. Roots, meaning a sense of the great history of the school and the grounding and belonging feelings the school engenders in its pupils, and wings, referring to the encouragement of ambition and development of talent that will allow all pupils to fly.


Durham School Dubai is a school that knows what it is and what it wants to achieve. Backed by the management of Durham School in the UK and led by a hugely experienced and successful management team in Dubai, Durham School Dubai is determined to provide an authentic UK school experience, that enables their pupils to experience not only academic success but also how to hone the social skills, empathy, kindness and compassion required to make a fitting and valuable contribution to society.

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