Durham School UK

Durham School is one of the UK’s oldest schools, with a 600-year tradition of academic, sporting and cultural excellence.

Durham School’s history stretches back centuries, certainly to 1414 and the re-organisation of the school by Thomas Langley, and some would claim even further back to the monastic settlement on Lindisfarne that came to Durham City 900 years ago.

The School was originally situated on Palace Green, adjacent to the World Heritage Site of Durham Cathedral in the heart of Durham City, but was moved to its present magnificent site on the other side of the River Wear in 1844.

Durham offers a high-quality education to all its girls and boys who can be day students or, at the Secondary School, boarders. The School has a particularly high reputation for academic studies, music, sport and drama.

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Durham Qatar

Following in the footsteps of Durham School UK, Durham School for Girls Doha aims to continue with the strong pastoral care, inclusion and individual progress that make the school Distinctively Durham. Within the school there is a strong ethos based on the school philosophy and values. Centered around the girls’ individual development, the school aims to ensure that it offers a balance of academic and social progress made ensuring a confidence for life. 

Durham School for Girls is the first British branch all-girls school in Qatar. Linked with the 2030 vision of female empowerment, the school aims to ensure an environment where girls can flourish and develop to reach their full potential. The all-female campus provides the security for girls to develop individually, respect Qatari cultures and values, and embrace the British system and methodology. 

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Durham Kenya

Every child deserves the best possible start as they begin their educational journey. At Durham International School Kenya, we deliver a creative curriculum guided by the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and English National Curriculum, drawing on a wide range of early years pedagogies and enhanced by the exciting learning opportunities available in Kenya.

The School is committed to delivering an education that is engaging, challenging, motivating and fun. Using a holistic approach to education, children learn through stimulating and creative experiences, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring that every child’s first experience of school is positive and so lays the foundation for all subsequent learning.

Children are taught the importance of values such as kindness, respect, responsibility and good manners and are given every encouragement to develop a love of lifelong learning and ‘Confidence for Life’.

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