Welcome to

Durham School Dubai

600 Years of British Education

Welcome to

Durham School Dubai

600 Years of British Education

From the Principal

At Durham School Dubai, we are committed to providing our students with a complete education; an education that provides opportunities to grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally.

A Durham education cultivates ambition and a desire for achievement whilst fostering and cherishing a respect for others and confidence for life. Our values, Moral integrity, Ambition, Responsibility, and Kindness are the MARK of a Durham education and we develop these by immersing our students into the caring, supportive Durham community where every student’s contribution is valued and potential is recognised.

At Durham, we appreciate that academic results and examination success are crucial to accessing the next stage of a student’s educational journey and we take this aspect of your child’s education very seriously. However, ‘real’ education is about so much more than this.  It is our responsibility to develop successful, well-rounded, responsible and socially competent young people who will thrive in, and contribute to, the global community of the 21st century. 

In pursuit of this aim, we are mindful that every child is an individual and that every educational journey is different. Every child is unique, they have their likes, dislikes, talents and personality. By getting to really know your child, we help them to develop the skills, self-esteem and confidence necessary for future success and thus produce thoughtful, happy, kind, well-rounded young men and women ready and prepared to make their MARK on the world.

Mr Mark Atkins
Principal, Durham School Dubai

Message from Durham UK

With a continuous presence here in Durham since 1414, Durham School established its international presence in Qatar in 2019 and then in Kenya in 2021: I am delighted that Durham School can now look forward to its branch school in Dubai joining the family of schools where happy children will learn to learn in a place where they feel safe and able to develop to their fullest potential.

Durham School Dubai will share the same values, standards and overall ethos as have long since imbued our way of life here in Durham: we are wholly committed to operate our newest branch school such that it enjoys the same successes as we do here in Durham and so quickly establish its reputation as the best possible place for children to begin their educational journey in Dubai, and so develop their own ‘Confidence for Life’.

Durham School Dubai will have a genuinely warm and inclusive pastoral structure where strong and supportive relationships between staff and students, and between students, is both expected and championed, and inspiring and caring staff work energetically and with mutual respect towards shared goals. Each student at Durham School Dubai will benefit from opportunities made available to them in the academic sphere, in sport, in cultural activities and in learning to lead. 

Durham School Dubai is well located in the Dubai Investments Park, it has wonderful facilities and will employ teachers passionate about their chosen profession and develop children in their care to their fullest potential; already proud of what a Durham School education provides in Qatar and Kenya as well as of course here in Durham, I look forward to seeing this same atmosphere of overall excellence becoming evident in Dubai.

Mr Kieran McLaughlin
Headmaster, Durham School UK

About Durham Dubai

Durham Dubai is a branch school of Durham UK, one of the oldest schools in the UK with a 600-year history of academic excellence. As such, we are able to draw upon the skills and experience of our colleagues in the UK and in our other international schools in Qatar and Kenya. Durham is a truly international organisation its roots may be in the UK, but its outlook is global.

Durham School Dubai is an exciting place to learn. It is a place where six centuries of experience meets 21st century technology, the best in modern teaching methods and most importantly, teachers of unsurpassed commitment and quality. It is our aim to provide a broad and rounded education fostering academic achievement and nurturing the talent of each and every student. This will be delivered through creative learning experiences guided by the UK’s English National Curriculum in excellent facilities through the use of outstanding resources.

Our dictum and our aim, ‘confidence for life’ is achieved through academic attainment but as importantly, the development of good manners, moral integrity and responsibility as well as kindness and respect.


Our School

Durham School Dubai is conveniently located in Dubai Investments Park (DIP), a 32 million square meters development with commercial, residential and educational zones. DIP is designed to become one of the most environment-friendly developments in the region providing a high-quality educational and residential area while it cements its position as the region’s premier business park.

Durham School Dubai is built to educate more than 1,700 students. The buildings have been constructed to the highest standards with a world-class contemporary design, and feature:

  1. 1

    Foundation Stage section, with all classrooms opening up into
    a central covered play area

  2. 2

    Primary and Secondary libraries

  3. 3

    Acoustically designed music performance hall

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Dining hall

  6. 6

    Primary and Secondary classroom complex, with specialist science,
    art and IT labs

  7. 7

    25-meters indoor swimming pool

  8. 8

    Indoor multipurpose sports hall

  9. 9

    Rooftop sports courts

  10. 10

    Sports pitch

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