A Rounded Education

Alongside our strong academic focus, Durham Dubai encourages our students to participate in an have an extensive co-curricular programme which includes sporting, artistic, academic and musical opportunities. 

We believe that co-curricular opportunities enrich and develop the individual, fostering skills such as leadership, collaboration and teamwork.

Our mission is to provide students with a rounded education; one which instils in them an aspiration for achievement, confidence for life and respect for all.

The Co-Curricular Offering


A comprehensive programme of sporting activities will be available to all students starting from the very youngest children and continuing right through the school. The school will run a number of sports teams in the major sports and Durham students will compete against other schools in Dubai and the Middle East.

There will be internal sports competitions through the House system allowing all students to represent their House in competitive events.

In addition to competitive sport, recreational sport will also be available for those students who wish to participate simply for the enjoyment and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Our skilled and experience PE staff will be supported by a number of coaches to help us achieve our aim of providing a comprehensive range of sporting opportunity for all of our students.


Music is taught as a part of the Durham curriculum but we believe it is also very important to give all students the opportunity to further develop their musical interests and talent. Throughout the school, we strongly encourage every student to learn an instrument and participate in musical events. The school provides outstanding facilities for music and an array of peripatetic music teachers will be available to work with students to develop their skills. Lessons will be available for students who wish to pursue studies of piano, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, voice and drums. In addition, opportunities will be available for students who wish to study musical production and recording techniques.

Art & Drama

Art and drama, alongside other creative subjects, are an important part of a Durham education. We strongly believe that encouraging student creativity is an essential component in the provision of a  broad and balanced education. Art opportunities include drawing and painting, sculpture and art appreciation whilst all students will be encouraged to participate in drama as part of the curriculum as well as in school performances and shows – this will start from as young as Early Years where children will perform in assemblies and parents will have the pleasure of coming to watch. In addition, public speaking and oration are important skills for promoting student confidence and confident persuasive speaking is an essential element in leadership.


Alongside a variety of sporting activities such as football, rugby, netball, basketball, athletics and volleyball, swimming as a recreational activity and competitive sport is available to all pupils here at Durham. The school benefits from an excellent 25m indoor swimming pool that is used year round by all the pupils with a weekly swimming lesson timetabled for all age groups. In addition, an after school swimming club develops the fitness and technique of those who wish to compete in local interschool and Gulf wide swimming competitions.


Cricket is a very popular and successful game at Durham UK with the school setting many of its pupils on the road to careers as successful professional cricketers. We fully intend that this is repeated here in Dubai and are fortunate that we have exclusive use of an outstanding, all grass cricket pitch on which to develop our young players. The pitch, just 5 minutes from the school, is complimented by superb indoor and outdoor facilities based at the school where we host regular practice sessions for pupils of all ages.