Inculcating Strong Values

Khaleej Times – 26 October 2022

Durham School sets out to give its pupils ‘roots and wings’. Roots in the appreciation of the great history of the school providing grounding and a strong sense of belonging, and wings in the encouragement of ambition and development of talent that allows its pupils to fly

In keeping with its proud 600 year history, Durham School offers a traditional approach to education replicating in its standards, expectations and ethos, an authentic English independent school experience. The Principal has been clear from the outset that he believes pupils thrive in structure, respond to high expectations, and learn best when they are fully engaged with talented teachers. Durham eschews over reliance on technology, preferring instead to concentrate on delivering the basics thoroughly with pupils producing work in books. He says: “Technology should be used judiciously to support a child’s education not wantonly dictate learning. I believe firmly that real teaching is not sitting children in front of YouTube videos, nor is it playing games on iPads and pretending it is a quality learning experience; a teacher totally reliant on a SmartBoard is not a teacher.”

Durham School Dubai is a ‘down to earth’ school reflecting its strong UK roots and desire to establish meaningful ties with its parent body. True to its values, the school community works together to create an honest, kind school where everyone feels welcome, valued and can find success.

Durham School therefore is an authentic English independent school where outstanding teachers deliver traditional, structured and rigorous education within a strong pastoral environment where every individual is known, nurtured and appreciated. Above all it is a school where ‘old fashioned’ values and standards prepare its pupils for success in the modern world.

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