Key Stage 3


Durham School Dubai aims to provide an education that challenges young people to make a difference in the world. At all levels our curriculum is designed to embed this ethos and prepare students to stand out. Our bespoke Key Stage 3 curriculum enriches the English National Curriculum and includes a range of lessons to develop young leaders of the future. In Key Stage 3, students follow the English National Curriculum. At Durham School Dubai, we value the importance of providing vocational pathways for our students, building confidence for each and every student.

In Key Stage 3, students have form rooms with an experienced form tutor who oversees their education and pastoral care. In addition, the House System is embedded into the school creating opportunities for friendly competition and house events and also to develop peer mentors across the age groups. The form tutors meet with the students daily and oversee their development liaising with all of their subject teachers. They will know each student in their class extremely well and will be the parents’ link for all the students’ needs.

Year 7, 8 & 9 students at Durham School Dubai are offered a challenging, stimulating curriculum designed to stretch their capabilities. Within our school environment they will develop the time management, communication and study skills required to set them on the road to successful, independent learning in the future.

In Key Stage 3, along with the National Curriculum, our students also follow the Arabic Language and Islamic Education  Curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

Our students will find opportunities for both leadership and participation in many different fields; The students participate in ALL areas of the curriculum and all subjects such as:

More information regarding the curriculum will be delivered throughout the school year through parent workshops.