Calendar – 2022/2023

Term 1 (Autumn)
Monday 29th August Start of Term
Saturday 8th October Birthday of The Prophet Muhammad
Monday 17th October Half Term Begins
Monday 24th October Term Resumes
Thursday 1st December Commemoration Day Holiday
Friday 2nd December National Day Holiday
Friday 9th December Term Ends
Term 2 (Spring)
Monday 2nd January Start of Term
Monday 13th February Half Term Begins
Monday 20th February Term Resumes
22nd/23rd March Ramadan begins* (shorter day timetable)
Friday 24th March Term Ends
Term 3 (Summer)
Monday 10th April Start of Term
20th to 24th April Eid al Fitr*
Thursday 1st June Half Term Begins
Monday 5th June Term Resumes
28th, 29th & 30th June Eid Al Adha*
Friday 7th July Term Ends

* Please note that dates of the religious fesivals are approximate