The teaching of Arabic Language for both native and non-native speakers, Islamic education for our Muslim students and Social Studies and Moral Education are all a part of our core curriculum. These subjects will be taught as directed by the Ministry of Education and our students will follow the Ministry approved syllabus in each component. We believe high quality teaching results in the best learning outcomes for our students and we are determined that these subjects will be taught to the highest standards encouraging learning and enjoyment and a pride in Emirati roots and culture.

Arabic Language

The Arabic as a first language curriculum promotes language development adhering to the UAE Ministry of Education expectations for Arabic Language. From a young age, or students develop their native language skills through Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Students in the Primary School and KS3 will have specialist Arabic lessons four times in a week. The teaching of Arabic to non-native speakers is most important. The curriculum teaches Arabic by implementing the best practices associated with the  teaching of modern foreign Languages. Our students will  learn Arabic through the development of  four skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Our students in the Primary School and KS3 will  attend specialist Arabic lessons four times in a week.

Islamic Education

Our Muslim students in Primary School and KS3 will attend specialist Islamic Education lessons twice a week. The curriculum provides helps the students to develop their understanding of their religion, values and beliefs.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, the students will follow the MOE Curriculum. They will learn about their culture, national identity and UAE citizenship helping them  develop a sense of belonging and pride in their country and heritage.